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Multiple sextiles and trines involving Yod planets can be extremely beneficial and thus spread the energy of this aspect in one side of the chart or produce a focal point for intense energies on the other side of the chart. Hence, the yod is the most difficult natal chart aspect to interpret and requires a great aptitude in astrological interpretation to divine accurately. Hopefully this is helpful! Yods are very complex and have to be looked at very detailed and delicately. Yods are basically a chart patterns consisting of two planets sextile eachother while they also quincunx a planet together as well.

A Yod is basically a pattern in our chart that shows what karmic thing we need to work on in this life, like for example I have a yod that the main thing I have to work on is discipline ,because Saturn is the part of the triangle that points to while my north node and chiron sextile eachother.

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Originally posted by tomandharrisongifs. A Yod can bestow gifts like a talent or a higher intelligence, bring about an unusual situation or sharp turns in life that cause steep ups and downs.

Real or imagined, there is a feeling that another force behind is controlling the show. I mean, I would count it as a yod? And no, your life is not hell if you have a yod or 3, I think it means you have a purpose in this life? Two planets or a planet and point form a sextile—or a degree angle—with each other, and they are the base of the Yod. In your chart, it will look like an elongated triangle, and the inconjuncts are often portrayed as dotted lines. A sextile is easy, flowing energy. So the base is harmonious. But the inconjuncts to the apex are not harmonious; an inconjunct demands adjustment between incompatible energies.

So the potential of the base is focused on the apex through a tense stream of energy that demands release. This is what makes Yods so difficult. At the same time, these partnerships place impossible demands or choices on you. Learn more about it here!

The Yod – Major Aspect Pattern

So yods, finger of god, would a yod from capricorn saturn in the 11th house to libra moon in the 4th to sagittarius pluto in the 6th in a composite chart indicate a strong intense and unbreakable relationship between two people that needs to be stabilized or one that just needs to be let go of? Can people let go of a relationship this sticky?

How would one go about approaching this?

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They are not major, but they are there. We have grown up with similar circumstances with our mother, who is a huge point of contention in our charts, but like I wonder if maybe I have had an easier time because I was born a Scorpio?

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Like is all this energy just moving him in a way that in not inherently natural to his super Cancer? Is that why it looks so dark? Log in Sign up. A yod is a chart pattern that creates an isosceles triangle in the natal chart. The long two legs of the pattern are quincunxes while the one short leg is a sextile. A yod is a very challenging aspect. A yod is karmic. It shows that a certain individual has been working on a certain mission or task over several lifetimes. Because now, you have multiple soul missions. The sextile planets you have in a yod are the planets provided to help you overcome challenges that come with a yod.

The quincunxes are the challenges. The task that needs to be completed is the apex planet. The midpoint between the two sextile planets is a very sensitive area.

Annoying But Useful Astrology Aspects, Part 2: Yod Help Us! - Oh My Stars

Difficulties happen to the yod native if such an event happens. Originally posted by indie-cinema VENUS: This yod person may be quite the contrary of the gift they have been given to fully sharpen and utilize. Originally posted by yamborghiini MARS: This Yod person is in one of the more stickier planetary positions, due to how quickly to combust they may come across. Originally posted by haidaspicciare SATURN: This Yod person has been faced with quite literally the responsibility of carrying the entire world on their shoulders.

Originally posted by bestfilmandtvlooks URANUS: This Yod is magnificent in their ideas and capable of inspiring the world to change if they truly believe in what they are saying themselves. What I know for certain Keep reading. Do you know anything about that? Ask gg-astrology a question yods yod aspects to the ascendant fame with yods astrology asks anon asks. I'm so sorry I got so sappy at the end I am usually not like that but It's what I was thinking and it's such a nice note to end on yod yods astrology aspects aspect ask chart interpretation grand quintile biquintile quincux stellium sextile astrological aspects submission.

Ask scorpioenergies a question answered aspect patterns yods. Ask littleneptuneflower a question yod yods aspects asks. Ask gg-astrology a question yods beginner friendly astrology asks anon asks. I was wondering if you could tell me about chart patterns specifically yods , or if you had any blogs you could recommend so I can learn about patterns? Thank you! Here are some helpful links for yods! Ask scorpioenergies a question answered yods chart patterns aspect patterns. I am thank you! Ask lunar-alienn a question anon yods. Me trying to figure out how the fuck yods work Originally posted by tomandharrisongifs.

Yod in natal chart. Or is it just planets? And also like does this make my life hell because all I know about yods is that they are difficult placements. Ask airpharaoh a question yods astrology. Gonna chug a glass of ice water lol YOLO. Ask scorpioenergies a question answered yods aspect patterns. Ask roivenus a question astrology yods can someone confirm this.

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For this reason it often appears in the charts of those who are skilled at problem solving. Quincunxes often describe a sense of humour — the ability to see the funny side of life in almost all circumstances — so they regularly appear in the charts of comedians. As you can see, he has a quincunx between his MC and Ceres-Uranus.

This makes up a Pythagorean triangle with Pluto-Vertex. In the sign Cancer this career is in the public eye and in the 5th house in the area of entertainment. Conjunct Ceres again suggests that this involves a female focus. The quincunx aspect by itself will always show when there are changes in the life.

The signs and houses involved describe the area of change. The potential for Long distance travel is almost always shown in the chart by a quincunx, either through transits, progressions or directions involving a planet in the 9 th house or the ruler of the 9 th house.

It shows so frequently at times of travel because travel itself requires you to be flexible and open to changes. The quincunx aspect is almost always present when there is death as death also describes a period of considerable change both for the person who dies and their family and friends. The quincunx will involve the eighth house or the ruler of the eighth and the house that describes the person who dies.

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  • Home moves also almost always have a quincunx transit, progression or direction as does conception and childbirth.