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Thanks, Adora, that is correct.

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I saw back in there was a closet that was locked and even disguised as something else or an effort had been made to hide it and in the closet were damning documents. But I have always felt there were many more hidden documents. I also read back in that there was a direct computer line, like a fax line, between Trump and The Kremlin going back a way. There a story published back in or 16 of some academic geek professors who discovered signals going from the Kremlin or a Kremlin friendly bank to Trump tower. They did not know what kind of signals they were — but thought they were emails.

They posted it on a geeky online discussion board. Soon after that the signals stopped. And I never heard about it again. Here are two predictions about a locked closet with hidden documents that I made for September You can find them in the Predictions listed in the menu below the current predictions. September Predictions: A man tries to retrieve something that was hidden.

This is about Trump and his family and team who have been hiding evidence in a boarded or locked closet. He seems to believe that Trump has nothing to hide. McGhan disagrees and is keeping some documents locked away. I see a bank vault and Trump.

If Trump sought assistance from foreign countries to help him in the election you would think he likely did the same thing with respect to the election. We could have a totally unprecedented constitutional crisis on our hands with damning proof that Trump never won the election. He simply lied, schemed, and cheated his way into getting the electoral college votes he needed. Russia is not necessarily the only foreign government involved. After reading your comment it got me thinking… lets say you are correct, what happens with not only the election it self but everything after.

Does the prediction that democracy takes a beating flow from this partly? Sham presidency, national security and intelligence weakened or compromised, and elections being secure, fair, and legitimate? Trust is eroding away from the federal institutions and maybe shifts back to stronger communities, local control and oversight.

I think this was also a prediction. And yes, what about the supreme court and appointments? Yes you are correct there were predictions made by Jeanne in both areas you mentioned, but I forgot where they are at the moment. And as we know national defense is both sacred as well as a great place for grift. This is exactly what Trump has enabled.

According to Randi Rhodes that transcript is incomplete as there are segments that have been either deleted or altered. I want to inform you that the complete whistleblower report is out, but is somewhat redacted according to Thom Hartmann. I would suggest checking out free speech TV to catch up on his show as well as Randi Rhodes.

Of course you could go to their own YouTube channels as well.

Are there any predictions about the young people like specifically Greta Thunburg, the young Swedish climate activist. Yes, thanks for asking. I saw for this time period in a meditation done at least a year ago that the young people were going to take over and change things especially with the climate. I will try to find it when I have time. Big change. People rejoicing. Something good is happening politically in the US. Graciela Predicted in December Luminata —Young people feel strong, robust, beautiful!

Working on the land. Jeanne Mayell —The youth do not want to play the old corporate game any more. Jeanne Mayell —Many youth are leaving corporate world Jeanne Mayell —A lot of chanting, meditation, sit-ins, protests, people are determined. We shall overcome. Jeanne Mayell —People are tired but not giving up. Jeanne Mayell —People continue to wake up and become more aware of their power. Charisse —Big movements formed. Determined to take back the planet and the country. Jeanne Mayell —Florida starting to demand climate action.

Jeanne Mayell —A maypole.

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Focus on the children of the world and their health, safety, food, and overall well being. Jan —More peaceful protests. Feels like the sixties with people singing. Hi Jeanne, thanks for posting these. It does give us a little hope in these otherwise grim times, this younger generation of activists—Greta Thunburg, The Sunrise Movement, the students from Parkland Florida, and all the others.

They face decades of entrenched neo-liberalism but they are inspiring. Now with 10 new entries! The Empaths survival Guide by Judith Orloff. Another day in Trump country, where our predator-in-chief spends the day going on twitter to insult children whilst reports surface showing that he withheld aid to a country and refused to budge until the country agreed to call an investigation into one of his political opponents.

No doubt the next few months will be filled with one scandal after another on a daily basis while Trump continues to rob this country blind. All he needs to do is start another controversy. And then another. His behavior alone is the driving force for bringing down the country in both body and spirit. Because Trump will do whatever it takes to save himself, and the Republicans will let him.

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When you guys do another sitting, please try to see whether the Republicans ever decide to break from Trump. Even if they are completely wiped out in the election, they will not see it as the rejection of their policies and try to change their ways. I am truly curious as to what it will take to make them change their ways. Hundreds of children in ICE custody dying from neglect and lack of flu shots? Billions of farmers and workers losing their homes when the economy goes under? A liberal terrorist who gets pushed to the limit and decides to mow down Fox News or a Trump rally in a hail of bullets?

Trump shooting and killing someone in broad daylight? Trump raping someone and it being caught on tape?

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Trump raping a child and then forcing the child to abort her baby? Seriously, I would love to know where the limit is! Surely there is some point when Republican politicians realize they have gone too far. It is a shift that we have not seen before.