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We try to see eye to eye. Learned alot about eachother and working with pur differences. If you see the differences and wprk with them, the love grows trust me.

Sagittarius Personality

It insupers. My sign, can lie and very well i migjt add, at the same time we can ne very honest sometimes too honest. So if we choice to shine with our honest side we really can make this love work Its can get very deep with the Sag.

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Any sign can lie just remember that?! If we choice the honest side with our lover theres nothing we cant stay intouch with. Sag and pisces nothing around it. Allah resolve this fake things. My husband is a Sag, my daughter is a Pisces ….. I am a female Pisces dating a Sagatarian male.. I agree with this post somewhat.. I also agree with the flirting because he is quite the ladys man but never to the point where i was uncomfortable.. He has a very loving side where he can be sweet, but can at the same time b very stubborn causing arguments between us. I disagree with the sex part i happen to have a bigger appetite than him..

You need to leave that relationship. Im a pisces woman in a relationship with a Sag male. We connect emotionally and especially physically but he is not willing to give up his freedom to be with other women, It makes it hard for me to be with him at all because of that. She is truly my better half some of it is true some not but being different is what brings us closer together.. You gonna get her! This is soooo false for me I am a Pisces woman and I was madly in love witha Sag MAN for over 5years, even had a beautiful baby girl together but that relationship was one of the most painfull experiences of my life.

He left me for another women out of the clear blue in march of last year and they already have another chil together. Even writing this makes me sad but the cruelest part of it all is that I still love him deeply. He was my world. I hope it works out. Love you Jared Singletary!!! I am a Pisces woman with a Sagittarius man, You can say am the most happiest woman on earth. This is a great post, and I love the comments. For example, If the Pisces woman has a fair bit of fire in her other parts of the chart — it can help, and if he has a bit of water…you know, some balance.

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But no doubt that sag tendancy to blurt stuff out can really get to a Pisces woman! Good to hear!! I really like a Sag man and have found Cancers to be so boring!! I am sag boy been on a relationship with a pisces girl for few month, and I will say there is not one and only truth about relationships.

The sexual attraction was great 1st but she felt like kinda unexcitable to me. I am very much physical but although she tried to mach with me I felt like the relationship is going fade day by day. Only I felt deep inside what I knew or what I felt about her.. Thank you!!!

Leo & Sagittarius: Love Compatibility

I was thinking exactly the same thing. So true.. I want to know when i m going to get marriage which year and month pleasee say fastt … Thankyou. We have our differences but I found that we also found a way to solve them and try our best to learn from our fights.

Everything You Need To Know About The Sagittarius In Your Life | Thought Catalog

Which I think any couple should do. He asked me for my hand, half this stuff is not at all true about Sag or Pisces, Im a pisces and Im a fighter.

Thank you for this. I am a male Sag and my girlfriend is a Pisces. I am blown away on how true, very true that just about everything mentioned in match compatibility by Oracle describes my our relationship. It has been going off and on for 9 years now. I just do not get why I am still in it and she is as well. Sex keeps it strong and just Oracle states, we are so different and things are great or we get into fights which is not normal for me. I have had other healthy relationships yet this one is tuff love, as I said no need to say more, its all described above!

Ashley I read your comment about being involved with a damaged Scorpio male and if he is indeed damaged, then you should end it immediately!!! I was with my Scorpio man for almost three years and he never fully opened up to me or trust me because of his previous relationship. I loved him with all my heart and I know he loved me too. If a Scorpio refuses your help intentionally or not, he will never change his mind.

And the sad part about the whole situation is that he just recently told me that he stopped loving me over a year ago, so I came to the conclusion that all the time he has been pretending to love me! When he told me how he felt about me it hurt me to the core, because I gave this man a lot and I felt like he just took it from me. I am the type of Pisces that likes when a man is honest with me even if the truth hurts because if you keep secrets and then I find out things I should have known before, a long time after, then that eats me inside and that is exactly what my Scorpio did to me.

Being secretive and not being able to trust the person you supposedly love will definitely destroy the relationship. I am a Pisces teen 12 yrs old in love with a Sag guy in my grade. All of these things are true about both of us, so my only problem now is getting him to notice me and talk to me. The sex is awesome and our body rhythms match very well but I get frustrated with his lack of communication. There can be days that go by with no contact and then he may call me as if nothing happened and begin to vent about what has been going on for the past few days.

Lol dump him. This is my opinion though. How can i feel like this over someone i cant have, 3 girls in my life have gave me that feeling, was impossible with all 3! Eek, what a situation! I find most of this to be true. I just married my sagitarius man after 2 years of being together. I have always been a sensitive person; in touch with my feelings; and I soak up peoples energy around me like a sponge.

We talked for a while before meeting face to face. We have been together ever sense. His family is quite dumbfounded as the change he has made and they are proud of him. They didnt want him to be alone for the rest of his life. I never would change a person; because in the end they will resent you. I gave him his space in the beginning; and Im not confrontational at all. He is the one who asked me to be his girlfriend, he is the one who asked me to marry him.

I simply stated you let a dog roam and he finds his way home; wherever that might be, even if it wasnt with me. He has turned into a kind loving sensitive person. When he is happy, or he says something that makes him feel he will literally get tears in his eyes.

He says I have rubbed off on him and made him sensitive. The first time I said lets cuddle his eyes looked like they wanted to bug out of his head. He just never felt the need to be intimate in other ways I guess. I love him so much and while he has changed his ways and like he tells everyone when they say wow you settled down; he replies because I finally found the right woman.

These 3 Zodiac Signs Are The Best Matches For Sagittarius & The Chemistry Is On Fire

He has made me more in control of my emotions, and not allow people to treat me like a door mat. Sagitarius men I think you cant over bear them. Let them be in control; but not take advantage of you pisces out there. But you cannot push it on them; it is something they have to want for themselves. Sexually I do get frustrated sometimes because its more of a physical thing for him; while I crave deep intense passion. A deep love that you share not just physically but with your soul. He understands that to an extent but I think as time goes on he will understand more.

We are intimate on many levels. He has come a long way from the abrasive cold harshful truthful man that he was. I love him dearly; and every day is an adventure with him. He makes me laugh, he is warm, and he is everything I have always wanted in a man. We hardly ever argue; and when we do it is hard for him to say sorry; but he does it in ways that still make him feel validated as a man.

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