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Take heart. Today's energy indicates a smooth flow of events. Chances are that things will go just fine despite unexpected challenges. Your ambitions could be fueled today, and you might be excited about a new job prospect. A position could be opening up at your current work place, and you might want to apply for it.

Or you could get an idea about some consulting work you would like to do, and you should put a proposal out as soon as possible. You are headed into a period of greater independence and financial reward with your work. Right now you could be examining your budget. Recently you've probably had some extra expenses.

You could be concerned with cash flow. Try not to worry too much. Today you could see how to put more money in your bank account. Maybe you need to take on an extra job. Or perhaps you will want to talk to your bank about a loan. If you make a plan to spend more carefully, you'll soon see improvement. Today you should be asking yourself a lot of really important questions. The universe is pushing you along on your journey of self-discovery.

If you're resisting, you're not going to be in a very good mood. You might want to try facilitating this period with some yoga or meditation. Or you may decide to start keeping a dream diary. Try to really listen to yourself on an intuitive level. You'll probably find out that you have the answers already It's amazing what you have allowed yourself to put up with for quite some time now, dear!

What January's Scorpio Horoscope Means for You

For example, if there is one thing that you can't stand at the moment, it's people who think they know everything about everything! Today, you may dare to go head-to-head with one of them. The challenges of the last few months have given you tremendous self-confidence Life: Avoid being too irritable at the start of this week! Love: Wednesday is a lucky day for you, as Venus in your sign has brought with it a whole load of romance and intimacy. A chance encounter at the weekend could lead to something more, so let your guard down and open yourself up to the thought of love.

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Scorpio - Shira's Weekly Horoscope January 30 - February 5

Warren defends story about losing job because of pregnancy. Study: U. Opinion: NBA has its limits in making nice with China. One man's rule for a simple retirement is clear: Be married.

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  4. Make time to connect with your higher self. Make a conscious effort to do away with the ego—with all that is false. Growth requires a certain a degree of isolation, but discomfort is something you are no longer afraid of. Sensitivity is a gift, Virgo. So open up to the divine downloads.

    Scorpio Daily Horoscope

    Allow yourself to trust the wise woman within who has been guiding you for years, and stop dismissing the voice that tells you if and when something is wrong. For some, this could be a time of connecting with fellow lightworkers and witches. Share the knowledge you have gathered over the years and illuminate the path for each other. We live in a vibrational Universe, Libra. The energy you put out there has a direct impact on your world. Continue to vibrate at the frequency of peace and harmony.

    Trust that things on the home front are about to take a turn for the better. On the work front, this is a time to pause, to catch your breath. Realign with the path. Trust the law of karma, Scorpio. Trust the mysterious forces above that are working in your favour. If somebody is trying to cross a line or harm you in any way, they will be taken care of. In other words, karmic justice will be served. If you have been fighting a legal battle for some time, the verdict will be in your favour. Keep doing good to the world.

    A clear conscience is the best gift you can give yourself. If not now, then when? Slowing down is the answer, Sagittarius. Let introspection be your power word.

    Here is your horoscope for January 30, 12222

    Spiritual pursuits are also taking centre stage. For some, this is a time of connecting with a mentor or guide. You know what you need? Eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. Okay, make that ten! A crash and burn is inevitable if you continue to push against the flow. Professional frustration could be weighing you down. Handling more responsibility than you signed up for? Things on the romantic front are especially lit.

    You and your partner are finding new ways to explore each other. Your revelations on this journey: transcendental sex is not a myth. Single Aquarians, the world is your oyster, so put yourself out there. The Universe promises to surprise you in the best possible way. Already have your eyes on someone? Your inner goddess is going to love taking the reins. Sisterhood is medicine; sharing your stories is medicine; opening up about your darkest secrets and deepest fears is medicine. They allow you to be the most authentic version of yourself.

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    They hold space for you to grow, evolve, and become the person you were meant to be all along. Realise the importance of these bonds. Taurus horoscope today Everything is as it should be. Cosmic tip: Things on the interpersonal front are especially good.