Chevvai dosham in tamil astrology

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Manglik - Kuja Dosha or Mangal Dosha Calculator | Chevvai Dosham

Zodiac Signs General predictions of all zodiac signs. Planets Retrograde Detailed analysis on planet retrogressions. From your lagna, find out if Mars is in 2, 4, 7, 8 10 or 12th positions. Note that you should start counting from the lagna position. Jathagam porutham in tamil for marriage is the matching of the horoscope report in Tamil, of the boy and the girl for compatibility and peace and happiness in marriage.

This is called jathagam porutham in Tamil, for marriage this is an essential activity. The jathaga porutham is done by the members of the family of the boy and the girl, usually independently and the matching is compared and. A Jathagam gives details of nine planets i. Thirumana porutham report offered by Tamilsonline includes compatibility of chevvai dosham, sarpa dosham and other marriage matching factors such as rajju, ganam, nadi, sthree theerkam, yoni, rasi, rasi athipathi, vasiyam, thinam, vethai, virudcham, ayul and mahendram. Women should wear red color clothes and worship Mother Goddess in the morning and pray to Lord Muruga in the evening.

One should give away in charity red toor dhal. One should regularly recite Kandar shasti kavacham for all sorts of protection. This is a divine Tamil poem dedicated to Lord Muruga. Remedial mantra for the planet helps one develop a determined attitude, reduce violence and become brave and courageous. It also eases legal entanglements. It has to be recited one hour after sunrise on Tuesdays for 9, 11, or times. Namaste, Thank you for your query. Please find the link to talk to one of our senior Astrologer online for your current issues, they will analyze your birth chart and provide remedies as a solution to overcome from your problem.

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செவ்வாய் தோசம் யாருக்கு (+91)9500574641 Chevvai Dosham PARIHARAM

Why is Tamil month Purattasi known as Ancestor month? What is Purattasi Tamil month? June 11, Total Views : 10, Tags: chevvai dosham chevvai dosham remedies. Previous Next. Am in love with a guy.. Am having mars dosham is tr any parigaram to marry him. Dear , please write in to us at support astroved. Also register on our website astroved. I am a women born on jan 3, at 5. I would like to marry a guy born at 9.

Chevvai Dosham- full explanation

But he doesnt have chovva dosham. Please let me know f this is possible in any way. Dear Malavika Madhu, Please provide the full birth details because in your case place of birth is missing and in your upcoming partner details birth year and place of birth both are missing. Chevva Dosha, Mars Dosha can be nullified with the Vedic and Tantric Remedies, so it should not be a point of worry anymore.

Myself Agil.

Tamil Jathagam Software Free Download

Iam interested in having a marriage with a girl who is manglik. The thing is that whole family is interested but due to this reason of manglik part everybody is feared. Sincerely, Agil. Try to observe these remedies and this will nullify the Mangalik Dosha. I am born on at 4pm and I am in love with a guy born on at am. I have chova dosham but he doesn't. Is their any remedy that I can maary him.

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Dear Raise, The Planet Mars is placed in 8th house in your birth chart and at the same time your future partner also has Mars affliction because his Mars is situated in 12th house. So it should not be a point of worry. Because when both of you are afflicted then the affliction get nullified or cancelled automatically. God Bless. My daughter DOB Dear Rathinam, Yes, your daughter is afflicted from Mars dosha. The Planet Mars is placed in ascendant itself.

Can we get marry without any obstacle? Dear Meena, If he has done remedies for the same then you can proceed for the marriage. Dear Vinith, Please provide your full birth details ie; time of birth and place if birth is missing from your given details. Hi Anjali, I was born on 26 and My parents say that I have chova dosham. I would like to marry a girl who was born on and she does not have cheva dosham. Dear Ajaay, Please provide your full birth details ie; time of birth and place if birth is missing from your given details. General remedy for Mars Dosha is given below.

Sir, I am in love with a girl having chowa dosha Hi Anil, Marrying a girl who is having Chevvai Dosham may result in happiness and affect relationship after marriage. But the fact is that if you are having the same Chevvai Dosham —then there will not be any problem. Looking into your birth chart, there is no Chevvai Dosham and so marrying a girl who has Chevvai Dosham will affect happiness. In the girls chart, the 7th house is not good and the 6th house lord Mars is in 7th house.

Rahu and Ketu in the girls chart is in the 1st and 7th houses respectively. So in view of the above planetary placements in the girls chart-it will be fine for you to avoid marrying this girl or if you still wish to marry this girl, the girl must do pariharam for Chevvai at Vaitheeshwaran temple near Mayavaram on Tuesdays.

Chevvai dosham

Hi Naveen, When looking into the charts, it will be fine for you to avoid going for the marriage alliance. But the girl has chevvai dosham. So compatibility does not exist. Hi Vinith, As per your chart, the placement of Sun is not good and losing strength.

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Sun is aspecting the 7th house in your birth chart. Also another angle is that when adding the date of birth of the boy-total value comes to 2 and when adding the date of birth of the girl —total value comes to 5.

Chevvai Dosham in Tamil | Chevvai Dosham Exceptions in Tamil | Chevvai Dosham Pariharam in Tamil

The number 2 is denoted by planet Moon and number 5 is denoted by planet Mercury. Both Moon and Mercury do not go well with each other. So it will be good not to proceed for marriage regarding this alliance. Hi My name is anandu I was born on 26 August in mundakayam near by Kottayam at pm Hi Anandu, When looking into the birth chart of the girl- Saturn is in the 8th house and for the boy- Mars is in 7th house.

Mars in the 7th house indicates manglik nature for you and the girl does not have the same. As per the girl chart, -Mars and the 12th house lord the moon is in the ascendant and this denotes impulsive tendencies that the girl will be having. The 7th house in the girls chart is aspected by the 12th house lord the moon. So it will be advisable for you not to marry this girl. Hi Akhil, When looking into the birth chart of the girl-there is Sarph Dosha with Ketu in the 2nd house with Saturn and Rahu in the 8th house with Chevvai.

There is no Chevvai dosham and Rahu —Ketu dosham in your birth chart. So it will be good for your to avoid this alliance. If you have desire to marry —then you have to do pariharam for Mars, Rahu, Ketu and then only you can proceed for marriage.